Capsicum Plaster (STICKOPLAST)

Product Details :

Capsicum Plaster is made from a Perforated White Cloth evenly coated with an adhesive mass containing Capsicum Oleroresin on one side and Silicon backing paper on the other. It has an analgesic effect for relief from pain and swollen joints.

Application of Capsicum Plaster:

Capsicum Plaster is useful for treating tropical pain, including backache, swollen joints, muscle stiffness, sprains and boils.

Features :

  • a.   Powerful Adhesive ensures firm adhesion to pain area
  • b.   Effective analgesic effect for pain relief
  • c.   Large perforation for easy breathability
  • d.   Easy release Silicon Paper backing

Special Instructions :

  • a.   Apply to clean dry skin
  • b.   Store in a cool place

Packing Details

Perforated Plaster (Stickoplast) Total Quantity/Box Total Boxes/Shipping Case
Capsicum Plaster 100 Pcs. 40 Boxes

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