Product Details :

Adhesive Dressing is made from a perforated flesh coloured cloth evenly coated with pressure sensitive adhesive mass on one side, and backing film on the other with an antiseptic medicated pad in the center.

Application of Adhesive Dressing:

It can be easily applied for protection against small cuts, wounds and bruises.

Features :

  • a.   Good adhesive properties for proper adhesion to skin
  • b.   Ensures protection from dust and germs for cuts, wounds and bruises
  • c.   Easy application and long lasting protection
  • d.   Maintains proper sticking even on moving parts such as finger, elbow and knee joints

Special Instructions :

  • a.   Apply to clean dry skin
  • b.   Store in a cool, dry place

Packing Details

Size Stickoband Washproof Total Strips/Box Total Boxes/Shipping Case
19 mm x 70 mm 100 Strips + 5 Free 120 Boxes
19 mm x 70 mm 100 Strips + 5 Free 180 Boxes
19 mm x 70 mm 250 Strips 80 Boxes
19 mm x 70 mm 1000 Strips 24 Boxes

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